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Introduce Yourself > SIlent Gays Project (0 replies - 1027 views)

Hi everyone, I have started a support network project especially targeted at LGBT people providing "Unconditional acceptance for those silently struggling with sexual and gender identity ...   2014-08-16 11:26 am

Organizations/Groups > SIlent Gays Project (0 replies - 1016 views)

SILENT GAYS Bringing life, love and freedom to LGBT people trapped and hidden in the hell of religion. WebsiteFacebook pageFacebook "secret" support groupDiscreet and safe groups ...   2014-08-16 11:21 am

Organized Religion > SIlent Gays project (0 replies - 4526 views)

Hi everyone! I've started the Silent Gays Project and thought I'd mention it here for some feedback. I'm really passionate about it and believe there is ...   2014-08-13 07:02 am

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