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Introduce Yourself > hello folks. steped all the way out the closet this time :) with both feet... (1 reply - 1065 views)

I totally need some socks like that. ...   2014-03-25 04:51 am

Polls > Research on Online LGBTQ Employees: Volunteers needed! (1 reply - 1536 views)

Is this for "LGBTQ" as you claim, or just "LGB" as the text of your post makes it seem? You shouldn't say "LGBT" or "LGBTQ" ...   2014-03-13 02:44 pm

Social Connections > Anyone out there? (10 replies - 10881 views)

makelovenotwar wrote: marshmallow wrote: Does Reddit have alot of people coming in and giving others a hard time? There is alot of there out there in ...   2014-02-07 05:39 am

So, talk > Crazy weather (3 replies - 1861 views)

They think Global Warming is fake because we keep calling it Global Warming, and people say HUR DURR ITS COLD OUT SO MUCH FOR GLOBAL ...   2014-01-20 03:10 am

Social Connections > Anyone out there? (10 replies - 10881 views)

People come, they post, they get discouraged at the lack of a reply and wander off. I found my way to Reddit (/r/asktransgender for me), ...   2013-12-15 03:02 am

Organized Religion > A Bridge of love (6 replies - 4779 views)

OP, you sound a lot like my stepmother. Bear in mind, I'm an atheist bordering on antitheism. When I came out as a transwoman to ...   2013-11-24 04:20 am

Sexuality > Name for my sexuality? (2 replies - 2244 views)

I would just call it "lesbian". You're a woman, attracted to women. Don't try to complicate matters by making a distinction between cisgender and transgender ...   2013-11-24 04:12 am

Your Struggle > My struggle... my gender identity (0 replies - 1217 views)

I think, perhaps, that this is the best place for this post. I'm not sure how much is TMI around here, so forgive me if ...   2013-11-07 07:40 am

Introduce Yourself > Hey Guys!! I'm new and need YOUR help!! (2 replies - 1801 views)

Birmingham, where? UK? AL, USA? Or somewhere else? ...   2013-11-07 07:10 am

Introduce Yourself > Hello all (0 replies - 886 views)

Hey everyone! I'm Kris, and I'm new here, I haven't even looked around yet, just registered and then came to post an introduction. I've always considered ...   2013-11-07 07:08 am

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