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Your Struggle > How do I learn to accept myself? (7 replies - 3410 views)

Let me first say that I'm a guy and I recently found out I liked men. My first two crushes rejected me, but we still ...   2012-05-05 06:59 pm

Your Struggle > Why? (3 replies - 1862 views)

They might not understand, but my friend seems to think that they will try. They might, but that could be hoping for too much. They ...   2012-04-27 09:25 pm

Your Struggle > Why? (3 replies - 1862 views)

I'm a senior in high school and I recently found out I like men. I always thought I was straight, until my stomach flipped and ...   2012-04-26 12:10 am

Blogs > Now What? (0 replies - 1611 views)

I don't have my own blog, but I wrote down what's been going on with me. It started out as me trying to understand what ...   2012-04-25 11:37 pm

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