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Discussion > Tell the Boy Scouts what you Think (1 reply - 1533 views)

When I heard about this in the news recently, my jaw just about fell off my face. I can't believe an organization could be getting ...   2013-02-21 11:22 pm

News > Marist College Homophobic Video (Gay=Hooker=Nazi) (6 replies - 3778 views)

That's terrible...makes me glad that at my college everyone is very accepting of their fellow students and nobody would mock someone's sexual orientation. They aren't even ...   2013-02-21 11:10 pm

News > Supreme Court Rules for Protestors at Gay Soldier's Funeral - video (10 replies - 6341 views)

In short, no, I don't believe "speech" is absolutely free. Rather, I feel the expression of ideas and opinions is totally free, and other types ...   2012-03-13 05:12 am

Discussion > What should I do for my friend? (1 reply - 1923 views)

My friend of almost 20 years just told me that he's transgendered. Any advice on what I can do for him, or how I should ...   2011-12-01 04:18 am

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