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Social Connections > Rise up Rice Queens! (0 replies - 3204 views)

Any rice queens on here? :cool: ...   2011-09-08 03:14 pm

Introduce Yourself > Can anyone help me please? (1 reply - 1332 views)

I would really love to help but as I have read in your survey, it is for gay parents. So, I will just give you ...   2011-09-06 02:12 pm

Ranting > God Damn Mother Fucking Westboro Baptist Church! (5 replies - 4518 views)

Oh my. This is really disturbing. Children singing 'God Hates the World' is just awful! :? What the hell is going on!? ...   2011-09-06 02:10 pm

Polls > Do you think at least 80% of the lgbt community in America is Out? (4 replies - 4443 views)

more than half of the gay men I know are still at the door of their closets. They are slightly open to other people but ...   2011-09-06 02:07 pm

Polls > Would Far Would You Go to Get Married? (4 replies - 3881 views)

I would totally go on a vacation in a state or country with same-sex marriage and get married, but won't live there. I live in ...   2011-09-06 02:05 pm

Polls > Have you ever been cyberstalked? (6 replies - 4757 views)

Columba wrote: Thanks :) I actually ended up discovering that one of the mediators for that group ( the male who sent me the final ...   2011-09-05 10:20 am

Polls > Have you ever been cyberstalked? (6 replies - 4757 views)

PsyStudent, kudos on your endeavor! This one will definitely help our fellow LGBT's who have experienced cyberstalking, or who will be experiencing it. In this ...   2011-08-31 02:25 pm

Blogs > Check out my blog! (1 reply - 2377 views)

He Brianna, cool site you got there! I'm a blogger, too! But not an active writer, I'm actually a newbie. ;) You are a pretty ...   2011-08-25 01:33 pm

Introduce Yourself > I is the noob (1 reply - 1259 views)

Hello semetra! Welcome to LGBTcommunityforum! I am a newbie myself. And we have something in common, my grammar and spelling. :cool:;) Where are you from? ...   2011-08-25 01:29 pm

News > Lesbian Teenager Fights for Her Right to Go to the Prom (4 replies - 4121 views)

Nothing seems to be fair anymore. I know that this is kind of a delayed reaction. But good for her for being well-mannered and not ...   2011-08-22 09:07 am

Introduce Yourself > Howdy (11 replies - 4615 views)

You may have heard this over and over and over, "it's not you, it's them". But it is sincerely true. I ask you this, if ...   2011-08-17 02:10 pm

Media > LGBT Rights (1 reply - 2174 views)

What a great image you have there, it's very simple but striking. I wish for your movement to become stronger and louder. I will be ...   2011-08-17 02:04 pm

Media > Love Etc - Gay-family friendly movie about what reall love looks like! (2 replies - 3133 views)

I haven't really explored gay documentaries but I heard that they can be moving or even better than commercial clips, well, almost anything opposite to ...   2011-08-17 02:00 pm

Introduce Yourself > Howdy (11 replies - 4615 views)

@abpositive, I am happy that you think the things like you being pushed and tripped are just minor things 'cause that means you are a ...   2011-08-16 09:04 am

Your Struggle > Brain tumor??? (3 replies - 2375 views)

There may be a lot of things to consider with the change of preference. Some may say that they did because they want a new ...   2011-08-09 02:21 pm

Polls > Thesis Help (3 replies - 2828 views)

I agree with ftmichael, I suggest you make it more specified like is only for gay men or gay women? Well, I still answered your ...   2011-08-05 01:35 pm

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