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Your story > Finally came to my close female friend. (1 reply - 2251 views)

Good to know that you are happy. Just leave all the worries behind and enjoy every day.. I believe there is nothing wrong with us ...   2011-06-16 09:22 am

Your story > so I came out then went back in>.< (2 replies - 2682 views)

I agree to admin completely on this. You have to first build confidence in you before talking to your mother or any of your friends.. ...   2011-06-16 09:19 am

Your story > Here goes nothing (1 reply - 2329 views)

Your story is sad, but I'm impressed with your attitude.. I am also happy to say that just like you, i also found a good ...   2011-06-16 09:12 am

Marriage > Married After 20 Years! (5 replies - 6004 views)

Wow! So inspiring!! Thanks so much sharing your story.. It will help others to be courageous.. ...   2011-06-15 01:29 pm

Marriage > Links to Find Information Regarding Domestic Partnership & Marriage (1 reply - 3049 views)

Hey, thanks for these links. Informative ones.. ...   2011-06-15 01:28 pm

Marriage > Same Sex Rights Around the Globe (3 replies - 4201 views)

Thanks for the update. Glad to know that all these countries have legalized same sex marriage.. ...   2011-06-15 01:26 pm

Groups > Freedom Youth! (1 reply - 4035 views)

Hi Geo, thanks a lot for the link and nice to meet you here. Nice to know that you have been working for our rights. ...   2011-06-14 06:39 am

Your Struggle > i'm engaged but..... (4 replies - 2935 views)

You must be very honest to her and tell her everything openly now. If you prolong taking a decision, it might affect you and disturb ...   2011-06-14 06:37 am

Your Struggle > Confused, gay,bi, possibly straight (so confused) (5 replies - 3294 views)

I think you should take professional help. Counselors and psychologists can help you sort things in a better way. Don't get too much confused, just ...   2011-06-14 06:34 am

Your Struggle > Who Am I? (2 replies - 2224 views)

Hi there...All relationships have ups and downs, so just take it easy. With a calm mind understand where your relation stands and try figuring things ...   2011-06-13 01:35 pm

Your Struggle > Lesbian, straight, bi--I HAVE NO CLUE (long) (2 replies - 2138 views)

Hi, there is nothing wrong in the way you are.. Its okay to be confused.. Just visit a psychologist or a counselor and discuss things ...   2011-06-13 01:30 pm

Discussion > When did you know and how did you come out? (3 replies - 3516 views)

I came out only after my teens. Initially i never had the courage, but somehow with professional help from counselors, i could summon the courage.. ...   2011-06-13 01:28 pm

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