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Coming Out > My Parents don't know. (2 replies - 1646 views)

We've all been just where you are!  And we've all made it to the other side of it.  It is so scary thinking about coming ...   2015-10-17 01:42 pm

Introduce Yourself > Hi, please call me Anna. (10 replies - 7694 views)

Hi Anna - I was so touched by your posting. I don't think you offered a sob story. I think you offered a ...   2015-10-16 02:22 am

Discussion > Coming out to my mother (1 reply - 1014 views)

Your mother is wrong in saying that it is not "natural" to be gay, lesbian or bisexual.  She may have been taught that through her ...   2015-09-08 04:30 am

Sexuality > Bisexual feeling closeted (2 replies - 3120 views)

Does the man you have 3 children with know you have bisexual tendencies?  If not, I think you will need to be honest with him ...   2015-05-02 03:20 am

So, talk > Is my girlfriend bi-sexual? (1 reply - 1381 views)

Sounds like you have a deep love for each other that is for sure!  Unfortunately no body else can decide whether your girlfriend is bisexual ...   2015-05-01 04:17 pm

So, talk > I'm just in a hot spot in life (7 replies - 2306 views)

I'm not sure what your question is. Are you asking whether you should come out to everybody? ...   2015-02-02 09:32 pm

So, talk > New to Site - Need to talk some things out. (4 replies - 19738 views)

All the thoughts you are experiencing are certainly understandable.  You are considering doing something that is a real life changer.  You did express some uncertainty ...   2015-02-02 09:28 pm

Issues > Judgement (3 replies - 1672 views)

Bullies are such a pain in the ass! The way you respond to the bullies sorta depends on your situation.  Are you living in a place ...   2014-12-18 10:20 pm

Other Thoughts > I like my FTM best friend? (1 reply - 2371 views)

Honesty is always the best path. But keep in mind you can only control your end of a situation - meaning that you can control ...   2014-12-18 10:12 pm

Introduce Yourself > Hi from UK (1 reply - 1084 views)

You absolutely do not have to label yourself - ever. There are plenty people here exploring the same type of issues as you. ...   2014-12-18 10:10 pm

Blogs > recently Married and confused (1 reply - 1540 views)

Sounds like you have a consistent history of exploring with men.  Bisexuality is hard to bury.  It will always come back.  There are different levels ...   2014-12-18 10:08 pm

Sexuality > Living a lie? (1 reply - 1576 views)

Sometimes growth comes in our life when it isn't convenient. You can judge yourself because of the path you are on. I think ...   2014-12-18 10:05 pm

Introduce Yourself > pansexuality (3 replies - 1572 views)

You have to decide whether this is something you can not only live with, but be happy with. It is not going to change ...   2014-09-04 03:32 pm

Introduce Yourself > Hi I'm new here (8 replies - 24645 views)

Hi, Marshmallow here. It does make sense that you would be locked up. If you feel uncomfortable and confused about who you are ...   2014-08-26 08:41 pm

Introduce Yourself > Hi Everybody! (1 reply - 1130 views)

Hi. Your post wasn't that long! You should see some of them :twitch: Is here any way you can find an lgbt support center ...   2014-08-26 08:39 pm

So, talk > Depressed... (2 replies - 1453 views)

Sorry to hear you are feeling bad. Feeling isolated can be a big problem for the lgbt community. Online relationships can help but ...   2014-08-25 03:24 pm

Your Struggle > She's Breaking My Heart (I Think) (4 replies - 2074 views)

Thank you for posting.  My immediate thought was that your girlfriend has it made.  She is married and living the acceptable lifestyle while also keeping ...   2014-07-19 05:20 am

Introduce Yourself > Figuring myself out (2 replies - 2255 views)

The feelings you are experiencing are not necessarily all that unusual (at least in this forum  ;)).  Try the transgender section and read through everyone's ...   2014-05-01 10:59 pm

General Discussions > Very important question... to me at least (1 reply - 1744 views)

There are quite a few people who have posted on this site with similar issues.  If you go down to the transgender section you will ...   2014-04-30 10:14 pm

Social Connections > Anyone out there? (10 replies - 10693 views)

Does Reddit have alot of people coming in and giving others a hard time? There is alot of there out there in forum land!  that is ...   2014-02-06 03:25 pm

Sexuality > Come Out? (3 replies - 5157 views)

I guess the big picture answer is - yes, you will eventually have to come out because it is too difficult of a life to ...   2014-01-10 07:51 pm

Issues > My Girlfriend vs. my 'family' (3 replies - 3115 views)

Miss Imaan - Thank you for posting.  Sounds like you are going through a really positive time in your life - as far as improving ...   2014-01-08 04:19 pm

Issues > Need advice (1 reply - 2097 views)

That is a perfect response.  You can also ask them how they know they are straight?  It is an instinctual feeling that can't be denied..... ...   2014-01-08 03:52 pm

Introduce Yourself > Hi there. (2 replies - 1408 views)

Hi Josh and welcome! It is very promising that the most popular person in your school is openly gay.  He/she may be a good resource for ...   2013-12-11 11:14 pm

Music, Art & Film > Music Videos With Positive LGBT messages (13 replies - 5956 views)

starts off with a great guitar solo than "Giant" from Melissa Etheridge - excellent positive lgbt message in song. ...   2013-12-11 10:47 pm

Other Thoughts > Dear Abbey - My Son is Gay and Won't Stop (1 reply - 2263 views)

Check out the sttachment ...   2013-11-20 09:58 pm

Your Struggle > Please help me, what should i do?.. I am lost (2 replies - 1634 views)

Have you heard of Melissa Etheridge?  A very out lesbian in the US.  This song is one that she says reminds her of living in ...   2013-10-15 01:47 pm

Your Struggle > extremely confused (1 reply - 1250 views)

Hey Courtney - thanks for posting.  I think the best thing to do is just to be honest.  Have a talk, tell her what you ...   2013-10-14 10:43 pm

Your Struggle > Please help me, what should i do?.. I am lost (2 replies - 1634 views)

Thank you for sharing your story - and I feel so bad for you that you are going through this.  Homophobia causes so much pain.  ...   2013-10-14 10:35 pm

Introduce Yourself > Hope I'm not too late! (3 replies - 1622 views)

wow - from Australia.  I really want to visit Australia.  I'm a huge fan of Pink and  Anne McCue (both musicians - you probably already ...   2013-09-20 03:46 pm

Introduce Yourself > Hey ( >^-^)> *HUGZ* <(^-^< ) (3 replies - 1630 views)

Hi, welcome and thanks for posting.  You are going through a struggle that all of us in our community have battled with at some point.  ...   2013-09-20 03:40 pm

Introduce Yourself > Hello from the South (1 reply - 994 views)

So what is that like, coming from the Mormon church and then being gay.  Are you still a member of the church? ...   2013-09-13 09:49 pm

Your Struggle > My girlfriend broke up with me (2 replies - 1722 views)

I feel for you.  There is nothing as tough as a broken heart from your first luv.  I think it is even worse with first ...   2013-08-13 09:09 pm

Organized Religion > A Bridge of love (6 replies - 4607 views)

Hi.  This is a great question and discussion topic.  You are absolutely right - the respect for each other's beliefs goes both ways.  I certainly ...   2013-08-07 09:11 pm

Your Struggle > Bicurious Feelings, in a serious relationship with a man (1 reply - 1262 views)

You most certainly are not an ass because you are having bicurious feelings.  It seems as if you have found yourself attracted to women on ...   2013-08-07 09:04 pm

Introduce Yourself > salutations and questions (1 reply - 1345 views)

hmmm, thats a big question.  I'd say that 30 is a good time to be sure you are focusing in on a career that will ...   2013-07-30 03:28 pm

Social Connections > In desperate need! (1 reply - 1536 views)

Welcome!  I'm jealous that you can draw.  I'm a photographer but I do not know wht to do with an empty canvas.  You should post ...   2013-07-27 05:53 am

Issues > This crippling fear she doesn't really love me (1 reply - 1695 views)

I think your fearful of this relationship because she is jacking you around.  My suggestion to you is to stay away from this woman.  There ...   2013-07-02 04:00 pm

General Discussions > I want to propose (7 replies - 3801 views)

How exciting!  Even in straight couples women take the initiative to propose!  Go for it - roles do not matter in my opinion.  But, you ...   2013-07-01 11:14 pm

News > Supreme Court Overturns Defense of Marriage Act (2 replies - 2450 views)

Amazing news. Following Wednesday’s decision by the Supreme Court to return marriage equality to California, the final legal hurdles have been overcome. Gay and lesbian couples ...   2013-06-29 03:24 pm

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