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Other Thoughts > Why should others decide who you like, and why should they decide what society thinks of it?! (1 reply - 1385 views)

Why do others always dictate to you who you should or shouldn't like?! Why the heck should they have anything to do with it? Surely ...   2015-11-28 09:51 pm

Gaming > Support LGBT Rights! Help Create the World’s First LGBTQIA RPG Indie Game… (2 replies - 1972 views)

Looks neat! I like it! :) ...   2015-11-28 09:42 pm

Gaming > Minecraft LGBT? (0 replies - 497 views)

Anyone know any LGBT supporting Minecraft servers or whatever? Especially since whenever I've seen homosexuals on Minecraft servers, I have to protect them from homophobia... Seriously, ...   2015-11-28 09:40 pm

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