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General Discussions > Feelings are Numbed When We're Apart (0 replies - 815 views)

Hey, I just started talking to this girl about 2-3 weeks ago and we have great chemistry. We both like each other a lot and ...   2015-04-26 11:12 pm

Your Struggle > I am questioning my sexuality (5 replies - 2634 views)

How do you feel romantically towards men and women? If you're sexually attracted to both men and women, but not emotionally attracted to both, you ...   2015-02-10 05:15 pm

So, talk > Lesbian? (7 replies - 2499 views)

Thanks heatherf, I appreciate your reply. I feel more passion when kissing a women versus a man, too. I think I like women a lot more, ...   2015-02-03 02:33 am

So, talk > Lesbian? (7 replies - 2499 views)

Thank you for your response Admin! Your feedback helped me. For a long time, I was trying to put a label on myself because I ...   2015-01-27 06:30 pm

So, talk > Lesbian? (7 replies - 2499 views)

I'm a little frustrated that people don't seem to respond to posts much on this forum ...   2015-01-10 08:35 pm

So, talk > Do sparks really fly? (5 replies - 2044 views)

WanderingOne, I also grew up in a Christian environment, which was very conservative over many things, including its views on homosexuality. I've brought up conversations about ...   2015-01-09 06:26 pm

So, talk > Do sparks really fly? (5 replies - 2044 views)

Hey, I know exactly what this feels like and I'm trying to figure out what it means too. I identify as lesbian, but I still have ...   2015-01-09 02:34 am

So, talk > Lesbian? (7 replies - 2499 views)

Hi, A couple years ago, I met this girl. That's how it often starts isn't it? She was so amazing, I realized I had feelings ...   2015-01-09 01:59 am

So, talk > Defining sexual/gender orientation (2 replies - 1564 views)

Hey basshaze, I'm going through the same thing right now. It's been frustrating trying to figure out exactly how I identify. Usually, people tell me "don't ...   2015-01-09 01:37 am

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