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She's hot and cold and giving me all the right signals
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 Posted: 2014-05-29 08:14 am
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So this girl I work with has been going out of her way to flirt with me. We work in different departments but whenever I need someone from her department she's first in line or will instantly answer calls coming from my department.

We met for the first time 3 weeks ago at work, she was helping me get something for a customer and fell, proceeding to rip her jeans. (The look on her face still makes me laugh.) I had to give her my button down shirt so she could go home and change- she claims she's not going to give it back unless I personally come get it.

Anyways that was 3 weeks ago. Since then magically her schedule is identical to mine despite what is listed on the schedule(I work in the office area so I can see the posted schedule for the week. A few times it showed her off during my shifts and somehow that hasn't happened. I'm beginning to think she is switching shifts.) To test my theory I announced I was going to lunch at 3pm but went at 2:45 so I could be in the room attached to our breakroom and see her come in. (She looked crestfallen when she entered and looked around not seeing me then excited when I called out to her.)

She's outright asked around my department if they know if I'm single or not and when I'm there or not (one of our coworkers is a gossip and told me the next day I worked with her) At work I keep my life to myself, I dress feminine mostly. To make it a little more obvious for her I've been wearing my less fitted jeans, my ball cap, I've been riding my motorcycle, and overall have reverted back to my tomboy style. I let her catch me checking her out (not in a creepy way or all the time. I actually focus on work while at work.) I'll mention me getting back the borrowed shirt. I compliment her. She has to know I'm into her, I'm not super subtle when I'm interested.

Anyways 2 days ago she threw me for a loop. When I was alone in the office area she came in and started chatting with me, then randomly stated she flirts with everyone and that makes people think she's gay, but that she's not. She then laughed nervously as a coworker approached and said "Like B here, I'd flirt with him even." And then started blushing uncontrollably and wandered over to another female in the office continuing to say she wasn't gay and "lez be honest" and laughing oddly still and then wandering off shortly afterward.

I was busy doing something else so I'm not sure if the other people were present and within earshot and she was trying to like avert suspicion or something or what that was all about.

Thinking maybe I went a little far or offended her prompting her random admission I've toned down the flirting (I was honest and admitted to flirting). She still comes around often, our lunches are in sync as well as our work schedules still. She has even left things in my area that will cause her to come back (she left one of her work gloves on my desk and when she was walking by I offered it to her in passing but she waved me off and only when I was alone did she come back to retrieve it.)

Then yesterday she came in the break room for lunch and spotted me and kind of looked around at everyone else and kinda scowled and wandered out after punching out for lunch. She looked tired so when she came back I gave her my extra Monster drink since we both like them and stated she looked tired.

Never seen someone so grateful for a monster. Got a hug out of it at least. Anyways same day around quitting time for me she calls back to the office and flirts with me "Oo I'd hoped you'd be in still. You are my favorite. Be a sweetheart and get me the manager out at the back gate." and we bs'ed for a few minutes at which point I looked at the caller ID and noted it was a personal phone not a work phone. Casually I commented that she called from her cell. She kinda laughed and says "So i did..."

Anyways I wrote down her number (I've done worse for a phone number) and clocked out after trying the manager a few times to no avail. While walking back to the front by my desk my department coworker told me the girl had called back and had asked for me. I decided to go hang out with her while she waited at the back. When I rode up she looked mildly depressed and instantly perked up once she saw it was me. We talked for a few minutes about work related stuff. She asked then asked if I would give her a ride on my motorcycle at some point and then the manager ruined the moment and showed up.

I texted her when I got home from the gym putting the stolen number to good use (was a little nervous about how she'd react) she laughed about how I wrote down her number. We texted for hours and then she stopped replying. Still haven't heard from her all day, feel kind of disappointed.

Anyways are my signals all jacked up or does it seem like she's into me (despite her "i'm straight" speech"?)

Once those words have been said I stop the active pursuit and wait for them to make the next move since officially they told me to back off as far as I'm concerned. Okay maybe getting her number was a little on the active side but she's a really cool girl. Even if she's not my girl I'd like to be friends.

But really I just need an outside person to look at this, I've never involved myself with a coworker (spent my last 4 years in the army and considered it bad business) or really had my attention so captured so I don't know if I just am crushing so bad I'm seeing things that aren't there or if she is interested. Either way when I get a chance to get her alone I plan to ask her about the random admission of not being gay just to clear it up. I've never wanted to go to work so bad. haha thanks for looking at my confused rant. ;P

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 Posted: 2016-01-24 03:28 pm
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I guess I am in the same dilemma as you. Not knowing what a straight girl mean. You get as me some signals. Her "I'm straight speech" could be just a way for her dealing with the fact that she's into you but still afraid of those feelings. Me being unsecure makes me do strange things. But asking around if you're single - I would only try to get that kind of information if I'm interested. Why else being curious? Find out if you're a potential new drinking buddy?
And writing down her number. I don't think it's too active. And why did she call from her cell when she could have used a company phone? Maybe she wanted you to see her number. And texting for hours. For me time is precious. I don't use on people not interesting. So I would definately not text with somebody more that a few text if it was a random person/new person.
If someone was acting like that to me I would get the feeling that she was into me. And I too would find her "I'm straight speech" confusing.
Hopefully you'll get some more clues of her. Maybe you already did?

Would be interesting to hear how it turns out.
And if you want to - please look at my thread. Maybe you have some ideas for me?

All the best,

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