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I met my best friend when we were in freshman college. We look out for each other, we cheer up each other when we have problems. I look up to him like he was my own brother, and I love him as a brother. Now, we're graduating students, and I just came out to him as bisexual, and thankfully he's a good friend and still accepted me.

But lately, it seems like I have been developing a little bit of feelings for him. IDK if it's just me, but he also seems to show signs of attraction towards me. I don't wanna pressure him about his sexuality. Because that's just wrong. If he's straight, fine. If he's bisexual like me, fine.

BTW, he has never had a girlfriend yet, but he has tried asking them out, and he gets rejected. But right now, he's seeing someone (a lady of course).

1. When we sit beside each other (like, during classes), our knees would touch, and he doesn't seem to mind it, or it would take him like, half a minute or more to take his knee off mine. I would then let my knee touch his. IDK why but I just like the feeling.

2. Sometimes when we're alone, we act gay towards each other, such as him touching my crotch for a split second, me doing the same, grabbing each other's man boobs, etc...sometimes he would get grossed out, sometimes not

3. He sends me weird, subtlety sexual messages, even though it's just a joke, such as something that involves cum, dicks, etc...

4. Whenever someone calls him gay, he gets by saying "I'M NOT GAY!!"

IDK but I really wanna cuddle with him, but no sexual stuff involved. I just feel warm and safe when I'm with him or when we're talking to each other. And I also have a feeling that he's falling for me a little.

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