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Bi guys masquerading as gay guys??
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 Posted: 2014-03-03 09:07 am
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I've been reaching out to representatives and leaders in the gay community because I have a question. So, I've been dating a bisexual guy and blogging about it and through this, I ended up making a survey to learn more about bisexual men (since they are such a mysterious group). One thing I noticed is that a lot of guys who took it identified as  'more straight', while very few guys identified as more gay but still bisexual.

My question is this; do you think there guys that identify as part of the gay community, but may be somewhat bisexual? AND... how can i get them to participate in my survey so that this part of the bi community can be represented?

Please let me know!

PS, if you think you fall into any category of bi (and you're a dude), feel free to take the survey:

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