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It was 7 days ago. Seven days ago I felt the disconnection between myself, my emotions, and those around me. Three days later I felt the distance between myself and the man I truly wanted to love. Yesterday I found out I was gay. For the past 7 days I have subconsciously sabotaged myself to the point where those two parts of me had a knife to our throat, aiming that gun at myself, slowly backing away, knowing with each step I was about to fall off a sharp cliff. It wasn't until the man I wanted to love said to me, "She's not a monster. Talk to her." When I heard the words I put my fear down and ran towards myself. It was the happiest moment I have ever experienced. I have noticed in less than 4 hours the change in everyone and everything around me. Everyone has always known I was gay. They just have never known what to say.

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