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Youngest member here is saying hello!
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 Posted: 2014-01-02 01:04 am
1st Post

Joined: 2013-12-30
Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois USA
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So I have posted before this, but I thought now was the time to write a bit about myself instead of my crappy lIfe! My name is Nicole, (but my friends call me Nic, so feel free to because you guys are potential!) Anywho, I am twelve years old and bi, bi, bi. But before asking, yes, I am a girl. I live in Chicago, and love tumbling, video games, and spending time with my family when their not acting crazy. I do not have a boy/girlfriend at the moment, but because of being sexually assaulted in August that is a ok with me. Even though I haven't been joined in LGBT for very long, I would love to get to know some other people, wether gay or lesbian or any other. I am completely open and friendly to friendships!!! 👭👬

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