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I've only recently come out of the closet as bisexual this past summer but even though I've been comfortable enough to tell certain people I feel like I can't be openly bisexual because my family doesn't know. I feel like I can't tell my family though because I'd be harshly judged and most likely shunned and if not that they would desperately try to change me not understanding that I can't and don't want to change. What should I do?:?


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I am really sorry to hear you are so conflicted about coming out. My advice is that you shouldn't feel pressured to come out of the closet, but come out when YOU feel ready. If your family really loves you, they will accept you no matter who you want to be. How have the people you have already told reacted? If they reacted alright, or seemed ok with your sexuality, then continue to tell people, but only ones you trust and when you feel ready. I know it's not the best advice from a twelve year old, but I can promise that things will get better. 😺

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