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Hi all, Im Kat. I am bi and theres this woman Who I met thru a dating site (yeah I know) She lives about 100 miles from me but told me she was attracted to me and weve chatted and I cant stop thinking of her but shes always blowing hot and cold. Saying shes gonna call me then not bothering then saying shes thinking of me then just ignoring my texts, saying we should skype then again...NOT BOTHERING to even log in so I can talk to her
I know this is gonna go nowhere but whys she doing this?
Any advice cause shes all I think about
its a nitemare


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There could be so many reasons for her behavior.  One could be that she is new to being with a woman and wants to do something - but then backs away from fear.  It may help for you to take a dominate role and come right out and ask her what is up.  Maybe the discussion will allow you to work through whatever her hesitations are.

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