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salutations and questions
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 Posted: 2013-07-27 07:22 pm
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Hi there everyone thanks for checkin this out i got on here in an endeavor of sorts to get the best "turning 30 advice" from some of the ol gs that may be out there..

I have a friend who is turning thirty soon and was wondering if anyone has some good hard advice for this new page in life.  she mentioned once she wanted to talk to some of the older lgbt community who have struggled through it all and have lived to see the legalizing of gay marriage.  I am intending on using these in a gift to her on her birthday so anything you have to offer that you dont mind repeated would be greatly appreciated.

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 Posted: 2013-07-30 04:28 pm
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hmmm, thats a big question.  I'd say that 30 is a good time to be sure you are focusing in on a career that will satisfy you, a partner that feels really comfortable and is fundamentally the same as you yet complements you and challenges you at the same time, decide whether you want to have children cause its getting late and stay in good health....

how heady is that?  :cool:

also - wait about a year for the same sex marriage regulations to settle down and then move somewhere when you can get both state and federal marriage benefits.

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