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hey i am posting this to warn all lgbt community i was not treated right at wendys the fast food chain because of my transgender status i am sharing my story to help alot of people i walked out because they made me feel like i was not human and i was their freak when i started they treated me different i was not so upset them calling me he but more so i was upset that they went as far as told me i could not use the bathroom womens room for that matter i had my paperwork underway at the mazzoni center and name change and seeing a doctor for the transition for hormones and counseling starting in aug this month coming up. when i starting i was having trouble to get my breaks so i can walk across the street after them saying i could not use the womans room. fair? then i had a manager argue with me because i could not keep up with the patties being made. this employment experience made me scared to get another job still trying to find work and cant even keep up with my phone and losing my reliable transportation because they suspended me once and second wanted me to write a statment to cover their back i asked to be transfered to another wendys not to far like 20 min drive and they refused because "you did not work long enough" anyone who is there dont walk out make a stand and anyone who plans to work at wendys whether you lgb or trans or queer watch your back i am trying to boycott them from my life i dont buy anything or show my face at any wendys to pay for food i would erg the same. i started this new thread to share your thoughts please feel free to comment about this post. maybe even share your experience with wendy's sincerely Ty.

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