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Hi there,
I am interning with National Center for Transgender Equality this summer and I am working on spreading the word about Lobby Day!
Over 100 people have committed to join us in advocating for commonsense immigration reform and basic job nondiscrimination protections. The National Center for Transgender Equality and the Trans People of Color Coalition are flooding Washington, DC on June 17th to tell our stories and press for these urgently needed laws. Following the Lobby Day, we'll head to the White House for a police briefing on trans issues.
We are especially in need of people to represent North Dakota, South Dakota, Louisiana, Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.
We will help with any lodging needs you may have. We have a group of people who have volunteered extra bedrooms, couches and floor space for those who come to Lobby Day. If you have any questions feel free to call National Center for Transgender Equality (202) 903-0112 and ask for Andy Bowen.
Learn more and sign up to join us here:

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