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I consider myself bisexual although its been awhile since I've been in a relationship. I'm a 22 year old male and I've been going to a restaurant(subway) just about everyday on my lunch breaks from work recently and there's this guy that I'm interested in but I'm having a hard time figuring out if he's interested in me as he's one of those happy go lucky kind of guys and not flamboyant at all.

I can't really tell if he's being flirtatious with me or if he's just being his normal happy go lucky self but a couple things I noticed that put up red flags is that about a month ago I paid for my food and after he handed me the receipt he mentioned a promotion they were having with the cookies and said "I don't know if you workout or anything". Also a few weeks ago I was in line while he was helping other customers and another guy came in with tattoos so he asked the guy about his tattoos(The guy I'm interested in also mentioned he draws tattoos as well) and he was really into the convo he was having with the tattooed guy. The next day when I was there I asked him what style of tattoos he draws in hopes that I can ask him if he has a or a facebook with some of his drawings and he pretty much just gave me a one or two word answer and left it at that which was the complete opposite of the convo he had with the tattooed guy and it was a little awkward too. Just the other day he mentioned to me that he got another job and just put his two weeks notice in and said "just thought I'd let you know since your one of the few customers I care about". He said it really casually and the other guy that was working there that night was making comments about how weird that sounded(in a good natured way). I also always get the same thing everytime I go there and he always recites my order and how much its going to cost lol.

I'm almost positive he is interested in me as well but I'm still not 100% sure. Since he put in his two weeks notice I'm scrambling for a way to add him on Facebook or stay in touch with him somehow. Anyone have ideas as to how I can do this? How can I show him that I'm interested as well?



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Why not just hand him a business card, or write your number on a piece of paper, and say "I'm gonna miss you - if you feel like it, give me a call and we can hang" ...... or something more in your vernacular.....

What can it hurt?  At least if you try you have a shot at hearing from him.

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