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A Place Called Home


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As many as 25% of gay teens are rejected by their families and many become homeless. In fact, 42% of homeless teens identify themselves as LGBTQ: 22.5% are girls; 15% are male and 20% of teens who are unsure of their sexual orientation are homeless.

A Place Called Home will heighten awareness of the harsh reality of their lives, ensure they are not forgotten and facilitate the acceptance of these wonderful kids for who they are. Please take the time to visit my Facebook page (link below) and please Like and Share the page (Facebook, Twitter, any social media you utilize) as well as ask your friends/colleagues to do the same. And, please feel free to share stories and/or comments. It will go a very very long way in helping me tell the story of and support these wonderful kids. I would be forever grateful!

Thank you so very, very much.


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