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Proud Of Who I Am

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ok so, i know i am bi sexual, my mom and dad knows i am in my gsa lgbtq club at my community college. i told them when they asked if i was gay. "no i am not, i am engaged to a man who i love dearly". ok i half lied. i said no when they asked if i was gay. my parents and family are roman catholic, so i am afraid to tell them the truth. by my male fiancée knows and told his mom i am bi sexual. i haven't told her myself, which is ok, because she is bi married to a man. so she totally accepts me for who i am. i wore my club lgbtq shirt and she was cool with it but i didn't want to bring up my sexual orinatation again. akward to me. but her husband/my fiancée's step dad saw it and asked if i was gay. my fiancée told him " that's my fiancée you talking about". his mom was silanet. i didn't wanna say i was bi to him. i don't think he is very lgbtq accepting. so i am in a tough spot and don't know what to do. i can't tell my family and i can't tell my fiancée's step dad, but i know it will be found out eventually about who i am. sigh :/


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Honesty is the only way to go.  You have to be open and honest about who you are.  Like you said, the truth will eventually be found out so why not be straight forward and honest.  You will at least gain some respect for doing that.

Unless you take the first step to come out you will never really know if you can work it out. 

My parents are Roman Catholic and my sister and I came out to them as being lesbian and they accepted it after a while.  Sometimes we just have to give people a chance to grow.

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