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Greetings Earthlings...
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Are my musical choices odd?
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 Posted: 2013-03-05 06:05 am
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Hello to anyone. After some thinking about myself I have found myself here on this site. Right now I am still battling fears inside of myself and must face those before I face others. I thought I would go ahead and introduce myslef because why not. Right now I am finishing an associates degree and justtryingto live lifeto the best of ky abilities. My interests are gaming music and the mind(Psychology). I seeem to be told every day that my musical choices dont make sense but there is so much good music and such little time. My favorite genres are metal, techno, opera, w/e you call Sinatra's genre and everything in between. I also practice lucid dreaming which is one of the greatest things I have ever done in my entire life but I am only 19 so there is still a lot of time to be spent living. I hope to read everything this site has to offer and learn some things on the way. :)

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