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Tell the Boy Scouts what you Think
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 Posted: 2013-02-16 01:28 am
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"The Boy Scouts of America will not employ... known or avowed homosexuals."

It says it right there – in plain text – on the Boy Scouts' job application that we have just uncovered.

As if the nationwide ban on gay Scouts and Scout leaders wasn't appalling enough, the BSA won't think twice before trashing a resume from somebody who's gay or lesbian.

And while the 'wrong' sexual orientation is an immediate disqualifier according to the application, a criminal conviction is not.

Tell the Boy Scouts: Your blatant brand of discrimination is unacceptable. It's time to enact a national non-discrimination policy for BOTH membership and employment.

It's so rare these days to see such blatant discrimination written down on paper.

But with the news two weeks ago that the BSA Board of Directors wouldn't immediately end the organization's ban on gay Scouts and troop leaders, the true colors of the BSA are only growing clearer.

The Marines, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard have all ended discrimination based on sexual orientation. Isn't it time the Boy Scouts follow suit?

Discrimination affects the entire Boy Scouts organization, and the harmful impact on young people is what disturbs me the most.

The BSA is an organization that prides itself on leadership. Yet its discriminatory policies seem to teach young participants that it's perfectly fine to exclude people based on sexual orientation. And the message these policies send to gay youth who already struggle to feel accepted is just heartbreaking.

We need to stop the BSA's hard-line, anti-gay stance before it does any more damage.

Send your letter to the BSA now. Demand that they establish a national non-discrimination policy without delay.

This is part of the fight for our children's future, and it's a fight we need to win now.


Chad Griffin

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 Posted: 2013-02-22 12:22 am
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When I heard about this in the news recently, my jaw just about fell off my face. I can't believe an organization could be getting away with systematic discrimination in the United States in this day and age. Where I live (Canada) if an organization like Scouts Canada tried to "ban gays" they would be order to stop for a human rights violation and probably sued by anyone who had been turned away due to their homosexuality.

Besides the possibility that this would rules out potentially great leaders and stop parents from joining with their kids, what's the implication when they say that such a rule even applies to kids? How are they going to be testing kids for gayness? I was in Scouts for 10 years in my youth and loved the experience...I would not have wanted the experience to have been sullied by such a rule about sexuality.

On another note, how do they even enforce whether you're a "known or avowed" gay person? Do they check the "gay registry"? Or do you have to pass a "homosexuality test"?

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