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Hello dear members of the forum,

I am currently writing on a term paper about
sociolinguistics and gender with a special
focus on the style of homosexual men.
If you are okay with it I'd like to ask you
some questions about your style of speaking.

General questions:

1. Do you think that the style of communication
used within the LGBT-community is different from
the style found in a heterosexual (or heteronormative)

2. Do you employ a different style of speaking
when you a talking with someone outside the
LGBT community?

3. Are there specific keywords or phrases that you
either tend to avoid or use on purpose? Why

4. Do you remember changing style or looking for certain keywords in
your coming-out-phase?

For homosexual men:

5. Do you sometimes apply a style of speaking, that is considered to be „feminine“ in
a heteronormative environment? (a.k.a. the stereotypical media-cliché of the effeminate gay man)

6. Do you apply it in certain situations?

7. Are here any deliberate motives for this application?
(like irony/ parody, coping with insult or reclaiming of certain words and phrases)

8. Do you rather avoid a style that appears „feminine“ to you? Why?

Than you very much for participating.
I'm looking forward to your answers^^

your Linguist

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