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Things needed in a Gay Straight Alliance?
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 Posted: 2012-12-12 08:47 am
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Hey, guys. I'm planning on organizing a Gay-Straight Alliance at my school (in Australia) . I've only been planning for 5 days, and still have another month and a half, so I want to use this time as best I can.

The following list is things that I have, am working on, or know I need to get this going:
- Principal approval.
- Teacher 'team member'.
- GSA team (leaders/organizers).
- Basic mission statement and rules (to be finalized with members).
- Club name ideas, logo, advanced rules (to be created with members).
- Time and place ideas.
- Advertising.
- Fundraising.
- Things to do during meetings (LGBT discussion topics, ice breakers/just for fun/games, LGBT educational topics, peer support and club building activities).
- LGBT related days (e.g. Day Of Silence), and campaigns (e.g NO H8) to participate in.
- School LGBT awareness activities/ideas.

I'm also working on a tally of people for and against, so far none against. It's to help give me an idea of how successful it will be, and also give me an idea of the people to ask for signatures on a petition arguing to have the GSA if the Principal rejects the idea (which I doubt will happen, but keeping it in consideration).

If you have any ideas of other things I need, or have ideas for the ideas I already have, like an activity to do or fundraising idea for example, please write it in the comments. It does not have to be LGBT related. Think outside the box if you can. Anything. If you've been to a GSA or other social groups, think back to something that stands out and share it in the comments.

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