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Lesbian woman from Norway
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 Posted: 2012-12-06 11:51 pm
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The Romantic Capricorn

Joined: 2012-12-06
Location: Oslo, Norway
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I am a lesbian chick from Norway, trying to find a place where I can discuss romance, sexuality/sex, lgbt issues and such. This looked like a great forum!
Currently, I am in a committed relationship, I don`t get involved in organizations that work for LGBT rights and such, but my girlfriend does, which is great. I`m just not the organization type. I do however express my opinions, online or in real life, on the matter, so I try to be visible. I have never found roots in the lesbian community where I live, because to be honest, except from our sexuality I feel I`ve got very little in common with most of them. But that`s a subjective feeling, of course :)

I love to write, often slash, because it`s a guilty pleasure. I like to draw and be creative. Enjoy poetry and short stories.

Oh, and my username is just for fun, as my girlfriend keeps raising her eyebrows at me for my overly romantic ways. I don`t know how many times she has said during the two months we`ve been together (sure, it`s not that long, lol) that my smooth-talking might make her punch me one day. I just can`t help myself, I guess. I do not consider myself any kind of expert on love, rather the complete opposite. Not on life either, though I do feel I`ve gotten a lot of experiences during my 26 years, on love, life, happiness, acceptance and other important things. I think for me, life is generally about taking the crap that is thrown at you, and rise above it, again and again, while enjoying the simple things. If one expect too much of life, it will only make the fall harder. Life can be a beautiful thing, if one can imagine a blue sky even when it pours outside, lol!

I see myself as relatively mature, but with a healthy childish side. Empathy and respect are the most important things for me, whether in real life, online, whether it`s between friends, family or lovers. We`re all people, after all, and deserve the same things.

Hope to meet some nice people here, and have interesting conversations. Fun fact, I am a total Sci Fi geek, with a Star Wars character tattooed on my ribs! So, Sci Fi referances is cool. My English is not perfect, due to it being my second language. I hope that can be understood and forgiven. Other than that, I just want to say Hi to everybody, hope people are having a good week!


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 Posted: 2013-01-04 10:23 pm
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Joined: 2013-01-04
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Hi there - you seem fun!  I love positive people - and I really love Star Wars.  I just got the full series (prequel and original movies).  Its the best sci fi movie - great effects but a sense of humour and great characters. 

So, I envision Norway to be very open for some reason.  Is the lesbian culture accepted there?  I'm from the U.S.

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