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hey , i'm zarol , i just turned 17 2 weeks ago and i always feel lonely :/ hmmm i don't have much friends here.. and i'm a sweet lover.. i know it sounds funny but i always think of sharing my love and give all of my attention to the love one.... how i wish i can have a bf so i could pour all of my love and attentions to him :/ hmmm i'm big and prolly will be categorised as muscle bears... hmm but i like twinks.. i mean ... i'm big and twinks usually are small , cute and adorable... and i wish i could hold his hand and let him sleep on me.... kiss in the forehead ... make a breakfast for him... hmm this is my fb .. fb/bigzarol ... my parents passed away since i was 2 :/ so like is tough for me... i'm good in sports and maybe i gain attention from it.. thanks
zarol <3 xo

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