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My parents are anti-gay, and the two (seperate) times when a trans guy came on America's Got Talent, my mom has said something negative about them. I know she's Christian and all, but even in the privacy of her room that night(with the only other person present being my eleven year old slightly homophobic sister), I still don't think it's right to voice her "opinions" like that. I won't post what she said the first time because it's extremely rude.

Seeing her way towards a LGBT person like that makes me kind of afraid to come out to her if I go beyond being bi-curious into full-fledged bisexuality. She wouldn't hate me but she'd probably wonder what "influenced" me to say that. *groans and wonders if coming out while I'm a teen will be a possibility* :?

Thanks for listening. :) *hugs all the rainbow-colored awesomeness people on here*

Edit: I had a talk with her last night about various things regarding homosexuality, and I asked her what she'd do if one of my sisters turned out to be bi or lesbian. She'd say she'd still love them, so it was sort of re-assuring since I would definitely feel a bit more comfortable coming out to her first.

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How has your situation been?  Did you decide to come out yet? 

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