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I really need some confidence to tell my parents I'm gay. Especially my father, he will probably be really upset. Please help.



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how does that utube video relate to this?

As far as coming out to your father - sometimes in life it is important to speak your truth - no matter what the consequence.  Most of our parents are upset when we tell them and it is up to us to understand that they have to go through a process of acceptance. 

When I came out to my parents I provided them with literature from PFLAG and other books to help them understand.  In all honesty - they didn't really use any of it. 

I was told from my therapist at the time that when it comes to parents they want to protect their children and so it is best to tell them, have a short discussion, then leave them alone to feel what they need to feel.

I was so nervous I didn's sleep the night before, but I was sooooo relieved afterward.

They weren't too bad - but definitely not happy.  They had some questions which I answered.  With time they accepted it more and more and now consider my wife as part of the family.

Be strong and centered and go for it!  Let us know how it turns out

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