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I've felt "different" sexually since I was a little girl. But I grew up in a household that doesn't support homosexuality and so I've spent most of my life pushing down any gay emotions and focusing on straight thoughts. Now I'm 19 and I feel my upbringing has really made figuring out my personal identity very difficult for me. I've only been with a couple guys and am a lady virgin (though I have had above the belt lesbian experiences). I don't necessarily enjoy hetero sex but straight porn turns me on and lesbian porn doesn't, nor does simply looking at a naked women. I love the sensual aspects of women though, I love the way it feels to have my hands on their waist, the way they kiss, etc. Is it normal for visuals to not be enough for people, or for visuals you like to not match what you like in reality? Also the boys, one was a gender fluid bisexual guy who I was honestly in love with and felt attracted to, especially his feminine side, the other was your typical hetero man who was defiantly not ugly but did nothing for me sexually xP Sorry if sexy time talk isn't the "norm" in these forums, I'm new here xP



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I'm not so sure that your family's attitude toward the gay community has anything to do with what you are going through.  I think it is normal not to get turned on by lesbian porn because it really does suck ;).  Also, some people are more visual than others and so simply looking at a naked body will turn them on while others need a little more action to get turned on. 

I think you shouldn't worry about labeling yourself right away.  Just keep living life, allowing yourself to naturally be attracted to people's souls, minds and bodies and you will eventually figure it out. 

Alot of people start out bisexual before they decide they are gay or lesbian. (which doesn't mean that is how you will end up .....  just saying .... )

Have fun with it!  You'll get it all figured out soon enough.:)

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