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Can't Identify ME!
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 Posted: 2012-06-16 06:25 pm
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Ok so...this is probably the wrong place to post this but...

Well alright I'm still trying to figure out who and what I am and who/what I'm supposed to be. Sometimes I feel completely fine with who I am. But sometimes I feel like I'm someone else entirely. I don't think this is like split personality or anything (so no comment please), but maybe more of like, I can't identify myself sometimes.

What I'm getting at is that 50% of the time I'm definitely a woman. I identify as a woman, I dress and act and FEEL like a woman. But the other 50% of the time I feel like a man and I'm so uncomfortable and strange in my body, like it's this fungus or mold growing all around me and it's making me fatally sick. I feel like I should have the parts, the features if you will, and shouldn't have these woman characteristics.

I identify as pan-sexual in orientation (meaning I love everybody and all bodies), but I just don't know what GENDER to identify to anymore... Am I male? Am I female? I don't FEEL like a herm though... like I don't feel like I'm in the line between. I feel like one or the other, but it's half the time for each.

Ok if anyone has any advice or anything to help me out a bit here, I would more than anything appreciate that. Thank you all for being understanding. I love you <3

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 Posted: 2012-06-17 01:30 am
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'Herm' is an offensive term and should never be used. Plus it refers to intersex people; that's sex, not gender, and has nothing to do with being perfectly balanced between the sexes. Spend a lot of time with , even if you think it's too basic for you. Don't skim, read, which means you can leave it and come back to it if you need to. When it tells you to take out paper and pencil, actually do it. It's tremendously helpful.

See also , and get familiar with the term 'genderqueer'.

Lots and lots of people feel like you do. Relax, you're fine.

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