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For one I'm an overly talkative person, I can't help it I love talking. I also compliment people too much. I do both of these even more when I have a crush on someone, and I'm always scared they will think I'm a freak, or worse a stalker, when I never even notice when I do this.

How do I flirt with girls that I like?

I also can't tell if she likes me or not. I have really low self esteem, so I always just assume people don't like me. She is giggly, she sung to me, she said I have a nice smile and nice cheekbones, she tells me personal things about herself, she asks me questions like she generally cares, she smiles alot, she talked about wanting a girlfriend, and that she would drive there to see me (She is from California, and right now I live in New York). The things that throw me off is that she doesn't write back often, and she just seems flirty with everyone.

How can you tell if a lesbian likes you back?

Thanks you SOOO MUCH to those who help, it is very much appreciated.



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hmmm, I was never too good at figuring out lesbians....  :)  

When I was single I usually went for the eye contact but there are alot of shy lesbians out there so you might want to look deeper.

But, I would say, that at some point, you just have to take the plunge and ask her out!  Just let her know your intentions and then you will find out for sure!  And, if she says "I'm not interested - I just flirt like that with everybody" then that is ok too - you can be proud that you tried.  One of these times you'll score!

Let us know how it turns out!

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