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I was 13 years old when she started teaching me. I was confused young lesbian, I thought that I am sick and I am going to be cured, or I schould commit suicide if I don't cure myself. And then I had conversation with her. Other kids said something about Riki Martin (he is openly gay) and I said that he is sick and he will make my child gay, he schoud be cured or commited suicide. Then she told me that there is nothing wrong with homosexuals, they are normal people just like us and they are not sick to be cured. She also said she has a gay friend (didn't mention his name) and he had a really hard time accepting it, and he went through depression and that stuff but he is happy now. That was the first time I heard from someone that I am not sick and pervent, that I am normal and there are more people like me (I thought that everyone are "cured") and somehow I started accepting it as a fact about myself. I still haven't accept me as a lesbian but at least I am not trying to "cure" myself. If I had a courage I would tell her in that moment that I am one of those "sick" people and thank her for her liberal mind. I will come out to her when I have courage, I can't do it right now. She is my hero.

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