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Hi there. My names Julie and if you are Queer, Live in NYC and are into the rock scene here then you should know about my band or it's previous incarnation "The Cruel Shoes"

Both have featured trans female artists with myself on the front mic. C&L consists of myself on lead guitar and vocals and trans musician Ashley Morgan on bass guitar and backing vox.

We are actually currently looking for a new permanent drummer. Basically anything but a cis guy lol.  Cis girls, trans girls.. trans guys.. all cool. We've found cis men too far removed to truely relate to us on the issues that are important to us!

Anyhoo here's some of our stuff. If you or anyone you know would be interested let us know! Or...  if you just like good rock music played by experienced professional girls... then enjoy the music!

Juliana Brown: Chaos & Lace

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