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Hey everyone!

Have you ever been teased by your partner so much, that you felt offended and discouraged?

Recently I had a terrible abscessed tooth infection and I was taken to an emergency dental clinic in Toronto ( ). I am a kind of person who gets really nervous about hospitals and doctors and I was really scared and in pain that day. So I ended up in tears at the clinic. My partner was there with me at the moment and she was laughing vigorously at my condition. I was really hurt, but however I couldn't speak or let her know about how I felt that day. Later when I recovered both from my pain and emotions, I decided to keep quite and not to pull onto the topic anymore. But today again, she started teasing me about how I behaved in the clinic and that too in front of our common friends. That was really embarrassing and made me feel like she doesn't care for me anymore. I always thought she was very understanding and I had never expected this side of her's.

Do you think I should talk to her on stopping this habit? Or do you think, doing that would end up in a nasty fight? Do you think I'm overreacting?

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