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Hey, is there any girls here who don't like to be one? I totally hate being a woman. I am really fond of getting dressed up like a man. I have short hair and I always wear T-shirts and jeans. I was never attracted to boys. I always had a crush on girls. I really don’t know the reason behind this.
When I look on my body while standing in front of a mirror, I just hate seeing my boobs. It is the only thing which stands as a hindrance for my manly appearance. I want them to get removed.
When I discussed this with one of my friends, he told me that nowadays surgeries are available to remove breasts.
I checked the internet for various options available to remove the breast and found out a clinic in Ontario. I am planning to take an appointment for ftm top surgery procedure in this clinic ( ).
Has anyone undergone this? Will I have any problem in my future if I undergo this procedure now?

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