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 Posted: 2017-03-04 02:33 am
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Shale Stone

Movie Blurb by Shale
March 3, 2017
IDK how to proceed with this blurb of a movie which was on my Must See list.  I will give a pre-emptive SPOILER WARNING, but think it is useless for X-Men fans because you already know what's going on behind the scenes.  So BE WARNED.
This movie finishes Wolverine as played by Hugh Jackman.  He has been tweeting this and talking about it publicly, so fans already know it is coming.  Patrick Stewart has also been talking about his retirement from Professor Xavier.  I suppose all things must pass.
As seen in the trailers, Logan is getting old.  Of course he is old.  He was born about 200 years before the setting of this movie, which is 2029.  And we followed him into the 21st Century as the self-healing, non-aging mutant, but now he is not only ageing but also slowing down as does every ageing person.  (IDK what kind of makeup they did but Jackman is only 48 years old but he looks to be about my age, in his seventies in this movie)
Logan Gettin' Old

He is working as a chauffeur in Texas and living across the border in Mexico (No sign of a wall either) where he is taking care of Charles Xavier with the help of Caliban (Stephen Merchant) an albino, sun sensitive mutant. 
The professor is getting senile and with his psychic powers quite dangerous to the immediate environment when he falls into a seizure.  For this Logan and Caliban are keeping him medicated. 
Professor X Gotten Old

Also, as seen in the trailers is the mystery child Laura (Dafne Keen), who is a sullen, silent girl whose wounds heal almost instantly as Logan's once did and has Adamantium claws.  Doesn't take much to deduce that she is a mutant clone experiment and the DNA came from Logan. 
Logan & Laura Share Family Values

There is danger as the bad guys who were making this escaped weapon want it back and their head of security Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) is chasing her down. 
So, time for a Family Road Trip, with daddy Logan, his daughter Laura and Grampa Charles in the back seat.  Srsly, this is an X-Men Family Movie, except the movie is rated R because Logan says fuck more than once and quite often runs his claws thru ppl (abdomen, chest, head).  And, like father like daughter, Laura dismembers a few bad guys too. 
Logan &Prof X Road Trip

So, that's what the movie is about if you haven't seen it but I think this is an X-Men Fan Flick and everyone reading this has likely seen it already. 
I really liked the movie and I think with my age, I kind of understand it on a visceral level.  (And a joint level and energy level and loss of ability level and slow healing level)  What happens to all of us also happens to mutants, even those we assumed would never age.  We knew Professor Xavier was normally ageing and we knew Logan started out as a child in the early 19th Century so he too has a lifespan.  He still has some fight in him in this movie and still survives being stabbed & shot, only not so quickly.  He now has scars all over his body and the bullets stay in longer before being pushed out.
Logan & Laura After Battle

Oh, and the aggregate critics at Rotten Tomatoes liked it too, giving it a 94% Fresh, 95% of audiences liked it. The Critics Consensus: "Hugh Jackman makes the most of his final outing as Wolverine with a gritty, nuanced performance in a violent but surprisingly thoughtful superhero action film that defies genre conventions."
BTW, there is no teaser trailer after the end credits, so no need to sit thru those. However, like the movies of my childhood there is sort of a cartoon feature before the main movie starts.

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