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Shale Stone

Doctor Strange
Movie Blurb by Shale
November 4, 2016
This movie is part of the Marvel Universe and like all the other action heroes comes from another comic book that I have never seen.  However, this movie is an origin story so a newcomer can quite enjoy it.
It involves more mysticism than other with Marvel characters whose special powers seem to come from some physical or occurrence.  This movie is all about magic and traversing other dimensions and times.  It opens with a battle of sorcerers using weapons of their psychic powers.  The battle is between a renegade sorcerer Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) who has stolen some very powerful incantation pages from an ancient book and the other sorcerers trying to get it back. 

And, here is where we get a glimpse of special effects you haven't seen since "Inception" and which makes that movie look two-dimensional in comparison.  (I actually saw the 2-dimensional version of this film today and may go see the 3-D version before it leaves theaters.  I would suggest you opt for that or IMAX - I could imagine it in those formats - it is grand) 
The movie then goes to the very qualified (and egotistical) neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) performing surgery and soaking in the adoration of other doctors.  Except Dr. Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) who is his friend and coworker who tries to keep his ego from alienating others.  Dr. Strange is so obnoxiously egotistical that you know something has to instill some humility in him and that would be a car accident where he damages his hands severely.  (At the end of this movies end credits is a warning not to allow distractions while driving)
After all the medical procedures to restore his hands are unsuccessful, Dr. Strange falls in with Mystics in Katmandu and is trained by sorcerer Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) under the guidance of the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton).

Dr. Strange & Mordo

Kaecilius and his followers show up again and Doctor Strange, now versed in sorcery himself is trying to defend the realm with the Ancient One and other sorcerers in some building bending special effects that made me wonder if ppl prone to seizures could safely watch them.

Dr. Strange

The Ancient One

The aggregate critics at Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie 90% Fresh.  I really enjoyed it and look forward to a sequel. 
As with Marvel movies, you can expect a little teaser in the end credits.  There is an early one with Chris Hemsworth setting up "Thor: Ragnarok" but you will have to sit thru the entire credits before the teaser referencing the next "Doctor Strange" movie.

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