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Hi all

Sincere apologies for the forum invasion - if this post is in any way inappropriate please feel free to delete it or ask me to.

The long story short is that I am currently qualifying as a counsellor and we are currently discussing discrimination in counselling, especially on the basis of race and/or sexuality or gender identification.

Basically, I was wondering if anyone here on the forum would be willing answer a couple of questions about your experiences; any discrimination you may have felt, or if you found (or were looking for) Counselling/Therapy which might cater for a specific issue which you were looking to explore. For example, I recently interviewed someone who specifically sought to see a therapist who was African American (I think that’s the right term, I’m English, forgive me!) and who spoke specifically about a-sexuality in his bio.

Of course everything would be confidential; I don’t want to know any specifics but best case scenario, you might be helping otherwise ignorant therapists better understand some of the issues people face!

As a guide: (and please feel free to answer all, any or none of the below!)
    Could you possibly provide some basic biographical data? Perhaps just your age and where you're from?

    Can you talk about any examples of discrimination you have experienced which have led you to seek to speak to someone, professional therapist or not?

    Have you ever experienced any discriminatory behaviour directly from a therapist?Has therapy changed the way you think about any ways in which you've felt discriminated against, or changed the way you've dealt with discrimination?

    If/when you sought therapy, did you look for a service with any sort of specific LGBT area of expertise?

    (and lastly, you'll be pleased to hear!) Can you possibly give any examples of some of the reasons you felt you needed therapy. (to give an example, and not trying to sway you at all, but in previous studies I have looked at, I read a heart-breaking story of a girl who experienced suicidal thoughts and felt she could only talk to a therapist about feeling trapped inside her own body, and how she identified as a boy)
Thank you all for your time - I had a quick glance and you have a wonderful, supportive community here. I’d really love to hear more about any experiences you might have had.

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