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Hey all! It's been 10 years of my relationship with my partner and I'm very much looking forward to getting married to her. But, she has been in so much of trouble lately, that she doesn't want this marriage anymore. We got engaged last year and we were looking forward to get married this year. But between that she had a huge loss in her business and now she is totally bankrupted. She has too many loans and debts, that she doesn't know how and when she'll repay. And so, due to all these reasons, she doesn't want a marriage and she doesn't even want me to get involved in all this. However, I hadn't loved her, to leave her alone in her tough times. Hence, I've managed to find this debt consolidation company ( ) that I feel could help us out. But to say the truth, I have no much idea on this. Hence, would love to hear some advice as to whether this company is right enough to help us out or not? But, I'm pretty sure my partner wouldn't like me getting involved. So, please advice me as to how I can convince her to accept my help. I'm really hoping to get some good advice here. Thanks in advance.

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