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Shale Stone


I am known as Shale on many Websites, but the bots here told me someone else also has that weird name so I have to use my more formal - Shale Stone.  (Shale Stone was a character in an erotic piece I wrote in the 1980s) Yeah, I'm old.

I am bi, came out ... No actually discovered I was bi in the Free Luv days when everyone in New Orleans was fucking indiscriminately and I ended up in bed with some male friends who enjoyed being topped by me.  To me, it was just like fucking a girl only tighter.  Eventually, I got around to making love to guys, touching, kissing - ya know real intimacy.

I get tired of str8 ppl telling me to just be normal and I get tired of gay ppl telling my I am confused or in denial about my homosexuality.  In my sexual history of 60+ different partners about 30 have been women and 30 have been men.  I lived with a male partner for 5 years in the '70s and with a woman for 18 years in the '80s & '90s (15 years actually, legally married).

I live in Miami Beach, I am a nudist and frequent our Clothing Optional Beach here.  I see a lot of movies and enjoy riding my bike, taking pix and writing. 

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