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I am a psychology student at Metropolitan State University of Denver currently working on my Senior Honor Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Jovan Hernandez. We are interested in recruiting members from our LGBT community to participate in our survey.

The total time commitment will be no more than 30 minutes. Consistent with the IRB standards, participation is entirely voluntary and there is no penalty if the individual chooses to not complete the questionnaire. All data will be anonymous and the only personal identifiable information will be age, gender, race, and sexual orientation.

We are searching for as many volunteers as possible to participate in this study and would like to extend this invitation to members of the community.

While there are no incentives for completing this survey, participants will be contributing to the development of LGBTQIA research and provide insight to the needs within the community. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bianca Gonzalez at Thank you for your willingness to contribute to this research project.


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Hello Bianca, As you said that you are doing research on LGBT community, dear i don't know any person of this community personally but i can help you in other way to complete your research work.I had also the same issue in my college assignment last year and faced many problems to complete the task. I took the help of books, newspapers, articles and many more. At last my friend suggest me to go for Community marketing & Insights research. Here i found very good content related to LGBT community. CMI has more then 20 years of experience in this field and doing researches and survey from many years related to LGBT community. So my suggestion for you is that if you want to complete your research then go for Community Marketing & Insights.

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