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Why do others always dictate to you who you should or shouldn't like?! Why the heck should they have anything to do with it? Surely free speech and all that should allow that? But no, we, or I, always get told, "Oh, you can't go out with someone your own gender, it's 'wrong'". WHY?! Why does society think it is wrong? For heaven's sake, I got told by two different 'normal' forums (if you will) when I said once that I was bi (Which I accidentally blurted out when I was defending a lesbian against homophobics on the forum) that it "wasn't PG". Wth?! Why is saying who you love not 'Parentally Guided'? If I want to love someone, that should be my prerogative, not 'society's. Why is saying who you love, if it isn't heterosexual, wrong? It's the person's choice, and society and anyone else should really, well, shove it.

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I agree. And that was an adorable rant btw.

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