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Hello my new friends! :)

My name is Chris, and I am here to support the Gay and Lesbian and Transvestite community! Although I am not Gay, I strongly support and advocate Gay people and Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals!!! :)

As a man, I do love wearing ladies clothes and so called crossdressing, though I say the gender barrier for fashion and clothing should not make a difference anymore. I have strong beliefs when it comes to this. It gets old when guys, myself included get thought of and recognized as gay or bi when wearing so called ladies clothes!

It's our body men, we should be able to wear whatever we want so long as we are comfortable in them!!! Without being ridiculed! I love wearing one piece tank swimsuits, leotards of all kinds, unitards, leg warmers, slouch socks, and aerobic sneakers, as I love the swimming scene and aerobics from the 80s!!! I remember doing aerobics as a kid back then!

Leotards and leg warmers plus unitards are all unisex by the way! ;)

Well that's who I am. It's time I stop being judged, and we all stop being judged!!! I am autistic and have aspergers by the way my friends. Well I am dying to talk soon. Chat soon.

- Chris

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