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Trapped & Hidding

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I have a very long story because so much as happened to me, but my main reason for coming here is to seek aid that I desperately need! I am a Transgender Person, however like most I don’t identify with either male or female, I am a Third Gender or Unknown Gender. I’ve been like this all my life, but I’ve been hiding from my family since they are very intolerable to such things. I’ve had to live a lie and fake opinions to match theirs so I don’t get discovered. I do not consider these people as family. I actually have two cousins who are and support LGBT and they are treated so horribly I’m afraid for my life! I hate these people and their beliefs and strict standards! I do not believe or wish to participate any longer! I can’t! Things have gotten really worse to the point it isn’t livable for me anymore!

Unfortunately, I cannot go and stay with either of my cousins. They don’t like me, in fact they’ve told me they’ve hated me, they aren’t really nice people and I don’t want to stay with them anyway, but I desperately need somewhere to go! I have the ability to do so. I want to pack my bags right now and leave, but I have nowhere to go I know I’ll be safe!

What I need to know from you all is, is there a place I can go? like temporarily until I can figure things out? Kind of like the YMCA safe place for youths, but for people who are LGBT’s? I don’t care if it’s several states away or even in Canada. I can’t get overseas at this point.

I’m on the verge or possibly ending it all. I’ve suffered from depression all my life, but it’s never been so great as it is now. I have no friends as I was homeschooled and I have a ton of health problems so socializing wasn’t something I could do, but I can push myself if I need to get away and to a safe place! I have never felt safe where I am and I live in a small town with little resources and options!

Please, someone help me! I have to get away from these people! They will try to convert me, send me to an insane asylum or might hurt me. Some have expressed great hostility when the subject on homosexuality is brought up. And I was forced to either agree and comment like them or simply be quiet until the conversation changed.

I’m 27 and I want to live my life how I want! I want to be in a serious relationship! I want to be safe and be myself! Please, can anyone help me!


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Your first step would be to find an lgbt support center.  They can help you the rest of the way.  You can usually find lgbt support groups at schools, colleges and in cities.  Whatever you do, please do not get so overwhelmed that you feel you need to end it all.  You are not alone in this world.  There are many like you.  Just be strong and know that the people who judge you are the ones with the character flaws - not you.

Get on the phone and find an lgbt support center or group.  You can make friends there and they can help you with additional resources.  Also, please check out the transgender sub-forum below as there are many links.

Stay strong

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