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Hi all. I'm Jen. My status as an ultra-liberal, bisexual (I think) atheist in a small town in Alabama makes me feel utterly alone. The reason I said "I think" I'm bisexual is that I'm recently wondering if I'm actually a lesbian. More about that in another post. My mother and sister know of my status and are supportive, but I have nobody else. This is why I searched out this forum. It'd be nice to have "friends" (via the internet, at least) who might understand.


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welcome! I can imagine a small town in Alabama would be a difficult place to live for a progressive thinker! There has to be some other lesbians or gay men in that town somewhere! If you have some sort of theatre (not movies but plays) you will most definitely find a few gay men there! :) Is there a bigger town nearby that you can get to, either by yourself or with the help of your mom or sister? I ask because a bigger town might have an lgbt support center that you can go to and make friends in a safe environment.

This is a somewhat shy forum. My suggestion would be to reply to other's posts to start a conversation.


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Hey Jen,

Are you still hanging out on this forum? I'm new here, and your post was the first one I looked at.
My daughter is probably a few years younger than you, but even in a big city these feelings are isolating.
I'm so glad you are able to talk to your mom and sister, and that they are supportive. Have you found any friends to confide in?
I hope you are doing well!



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I can imagine feeling so isolated when you live in a small town like that. I completely understand. We're here for you, just message whenever you want! :)

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