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I need advice please ,I'm unsure...
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 Posted: 2015-05-14 05:42 pm
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I have predicament regarding my gender. I'm biologically male yet I feel more inclined towards agender. If that were all I would not have an issue, but in addition to that I feel indecisive as to whether I should take steps to alter my biological sex to female. I'm currently in an explorative process with counsellors, friends, youtube etc. to try to provide an answer to this question of "what is my gender and do I want to be female biologically?"

I was hoping people could help me explore these feelings and come to a more conclusive answer to the question so that I may act on it. So ,what are your initial thoughts? And to anyone who has had similar experiences, how did you decide on what your conclusive stance was regarding your gender and sexual orientation/change?

Thank you for your interest ,

-J :)

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 Posted: 2015-11-10 02:56 am
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Hi, I know I'm not exactly the most experianced person to talk to about this specifically, I identify as gender fluid, but I certainly can understand the question. As a biological male from a family that ends up with what I can only discribe as mideval level guys, people who would strive in a cartoon set in that age in just about any position... at least as a stariotype. But that being said I know that I dont end up looking female to many people and that can be a bit of a problem as long as that's what I want in a moment. While I can understand that this can be hard, I know that I have trouble making a decision, I'd have to say that trying to look more like how you identify would certainly help the adserver. I plan on trying to look more androgynys in life, but at least for a while I'm going to do that on a pure surface level and I think you just need to think of what you realy want. Another question, in my opinion, is your sexuality and how you feel about it because after a certain point that's certainly something to look into. Anyway, thank you for your time ^-^

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