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I'm asking this question bearing in mind that sexuality doesn't automatically impose any particular personality, so I'm not generalizing.

To make this question make sense I'll have to explain:

I was at a concert with my lesbian friend who'd discovered she was a lesbian only a month beforehand, I got up to get some beer and when I came back there were people saying "no no no, she's a lesbian, you won't get her, don't even try" physically blocking me from going to where I was going. It was too loud to explain to them that I was friends with her and just getting a beer for her and myself.

In another situation my quite-hetero girlfriend often said she was a lesbian when other guys would hit on her, and it backfired into much the same situation where I was being told to back off by men, lesbians and whoever else had a mind to step in, got stranded because they forced me off of the bus it went on and I was labeled creepy and kind of a stalker.

BEARING IN MIND that sexuality doesn't make you act a certain way or have a certain personality is it considered some kind of duty to "rescue" a lady from someone who appears to being hit on by someone you've surmised is not someone they want to be with?

Like it is with some men(I know from experience).

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