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My question is..
Me and my best friend of 6 years want to date. We are both in highschool. She got bullied as a child for dating a girl, and now she is terrified of dating publicly again. I know we both have to ignore the negative people and their mean comments..but words hurt.. Any advice on how to deal with the mean people? Thanks :)



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Bullies are such a pain in the ass!

The way you respond to the bullies sorta depends on your situation.  Are you living in a place where you could actually be physically hurt?  If so, you want to be safe and more quiet about your relationship.

If you don't feel you would be physically harmed, and would be able to find other allies, then I say be proud and stand up to these bullies.  Don't stand up in a violent or angry way, rather, try to joke off their antics and take their power away from them.

Hanging out with other lgbt is a strong support.  Is there an lgbt support group at school?  If not - what is the possibility of starting one?

Whatever happens, remember that you are better than those who would bully.  And, looking into the future, you will be the one to blossom, having become enlightened and strengthened by dealing with these hard knocks now.  Where the jerks who were ignorant and mean will be nothing special and tired, bigoted people.

I guess there is one more thing to say.  When you come out to people, they need to take their own path toward acceptance.  So, maybe they won't be accepting at first, and act out like a bully, but then they may eventually come around to a peaceful place.  Put out positive energy, be smart and safe, and surround yourself with like minded lgbt as much as possible.

Hope this helped...

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It is never easy to deal with bullies. We go through life daily having to deal with them in one facet of another. With that said, you have to take charge of your situation before they do.

First, and foremost, go to the school faculty and administration and voice your concerns. It is their job and duty to protect each and every child that is on that campus.

Next, if the is a GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) in your school, then join it. Most the time this is all that you need to do.

If that does not resolve the issue, never result to violence but always protect yourself. Bullies typically run in pacts so it is best to create a buddy system at all times.

If all else fails, document the incidents and go to the local authorities.

I hope this helps.


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LGBT Friendly Businessess, Welcome to our community and thank you for posting! That is the perfect advice and very helpful I believe! Sincerely, Heatherf

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